I'm Brandon Yuong ("yu-ong"), a wedding photographer based in Southern California. Available for travel worldwide. I enjoy adventure, nature, and exploration.

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Photography is my greatest creative expression. I have been a graphic artist and photographer over 10 years. I feel very honored and fortunate that I photograph weddings, since they are such passionate and sacred celebrations of two lovers becoming one.

For me, this path is about documenting love stories everywhere and showing the world that Love truly exists.

What Wedding Photography Means to Me

The camera and the editing, while fun and therapeutic, are secondary to my greater mission. To me, this is about witnessing and partaking of the greatest moment of your life thus far. We live in a world where we've been taught to fantasize about love and romance.

The truth is you have a sacred treasure (called Love). Your wedding is a venerable, intimate celebration. I would be honored to document it.

If one day the human race became extinct, I wish that future archaeologists will learn that humans loved, and they loved deeply and truly.

How I Photograph Weddings

My photographs are based on real moments, of the love, joy, and laughter that people share in the company of one another. When I photograph people, I want the photos to show a part of who they really are, and how they feel about the fleeting moments of life.

It's all about the people in front of me and how they wish me to see them. I want each person's photographic experience to be a unique one.

This means that throughout the process that builds up into the wedding day, I maintain close connection with each couple to learn who they are as lovers. By developing this connection to teach me how to craft each couple's story, I have been able to produce substantive and meaningful photographs for my clients.

Wedding Photography Style

My style may be described as editorial and elegant. I strive to create vibrant photos that portray lifelike depth and color. My mission is to craft photos that could be strung together in an art magazine or into a storybook. While fashion-forward, I am always measuring the timelessness of my creative direction: I want you to look good, not trendy.

During a wedding day, I not only look at the details and environment of the celebration but also the raw emotional interactions of the couple and their family and friends.

My approach is 80-90% photojournalistic throughout the wedding day. I look for candid, emotional moments. I may or may not interact with the wedding guests for a picture... it depends which helps me blend into the wedding better. Some people are very camera-shy, so I may have to act invisible to capture natural expressions. Others prefer that I interact with them a little bit or at least warn them of my presence (being nearby, moving into their field of sight, being relaxed and polite, waiting for the moment, etc.).

When requested, the remaining portion of my wedding photography comprises of creative portraits with arranged lighting. I would help to position clients if they so wish. Posing can either be 100% staged, or positioned but the couple is left to interact with each other for photos that feel more natural. The whole idea is I help you to look how you want to look. This is to be discussed before the wedding day.

My Photography Philosophy

It is my personal philosophy that all photos be captured perfectly in camera, then further embellished and polished once I return to my work space. I am a lighting and Photoshop geek. I often study the way the old masters played with light and color... and they didn't have cameras or strobes during the Renaissance... just paint and a brush!

My philosophy towards Photoshop is that it is a tool of art, rather than a bandage for poor photography. I use Photoshop to seamlessly blend reality with elements of surrealism to craft a kind of beauty that inspires.

Other Hobbies

Besides photography, some of my other favorite hobbies include snowboarding, boxing, running, hiking, reading, and exploring.

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Raphael Sanzio, Sandro Botticelli, Rembrandt (any artist would have a lot to learn just by admiring the old masters!)

The Marriage of the Virgin. Raphael Sanzio, 1504.
The Marriage of the Virgin. Raphael Sanzio, 1504.
The Birth of Venus. Sandro Botticelli, 1486.
The Birth of Venus. Sandro Botticelli, 1486.
Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee. Rembrandt.
Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee. Rembrandt.

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