Angry Officiants vs Wedding Photographers

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Usually good wedding photographers will make sure they go the extra mile for religious wedding ceremonies: they make sure to find out about rules and regulations with regards to conduct during a sacred ceremony. What wedding photographers should do before weddings is to call and/or meet the religious officiant or the institution beforehand. Ask if they had any rules or preferences.

During religious ceremonies, photographers are to be as discrete as possible to show respect. Flashes, loud clicking, jumping all over the place ruins the sacredness of the ceremony and a religious officiant may not like that, an extreme example of which is seen in the video above.

If there are rules, they will be something to the effect of, "you are to quietly wait at your station, then pop out quietly to snap a few photos, then turn back. You may not cross the front of the audience--go around the back and along the sides. No flash, no loud clicking."

This means that photographers should bring their telephoto lens that can open wide, and they should setup their tripods before the ceremony is even near starting to avoid all the racketing that an unfolding tripod might cause.

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