The Grand Long Beach Wedding | Brittany + Jonathan

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Venue: The Grand, Long Beach, California
Photographer: Brandon Yuong

Bridal Preparation

How about the proposal? Did you see it coming? How long was it in the planning? How did you feel?
Jon proposed while we were walking our dog at the park. We were on the bridge over a half-frozen pond and it was the first snowfall. Being from southern California, we had never experienced a snowfall so it was really sweet and pretty. I had a feeling it was coming because we had talked about getting married soon. I was happy especially because we were alone and had privacy to enjoy the moment.

Groom Preparation

How did you first meet? Who what when where why? Give the dirty details
Just like any romantic story Brittany and I were both in relationships with other people when we first meant. She was on a softball team with my brother. I went to watch a few of their games and I noticed Brittany right away. I ended up joining the team. Brittany and I played next to each other in the outfield. I looked for any chance to talk to her. We would make each other laugh and just had no problems talking and keeping conversations going, and the more we talked the I was drawn to her.

Reception Details

Beautiful reception pieces! And a two-toned cake to show both personalities!

Getting Married

Tell us the one thing you love most about each other:
I guess I would have to say that we can be ourselves with each other. We have no problem being dorks together.

Wedding Reception