Mile Square Park Wedding | Eloisa + Jim

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You know what was odd coming into this wedding?? I had yet to meet the couple before the wedding and had spoken on the phone with Eloisa only briefly. They had mailed me the material required for booking and that was that. When the wedding day finally came, I arrived at the meeting area, packed my gear, and searched for them.

The rendezvous information I gave them was more a rendezvous area than a rendezvous point : a brief description of the side of the huge park that I wanted to take pictures at. “I hope they have no trouble getting here,” I thought. They could have wandered anywhere, though really there was only one major spot that would have been good for wedding formal pictures at Mile Square Park : the little island at the lake on the side of Edinger and Euclid.

Lo and behold, I spotted a couple in wedding attire getting their video done. It had to be them. Eloisa greeted us very brightly, charging me with sudden spark of energy. I was no longer apprehensive. Jim himself was very warm and inviting. They were very natural with each other and were very delighted and loving. From that point on I was relieved, because I knew that great times were ahead of us.

I hope you enjoy the Mile Square Park wedding photos for Eloisa and Jim!

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