Seafood World Wedding | Eloisa + Jim

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The bride and groom are missing?! I arrived at the reception venue, Seafood World, right after the formal photo session at Mile Square. The guests were looking to me to see if I knew if the couple was on the way. Or lost. I tried to reassure them that the couple was coming, but I’m sure they just wanted to see them at last. After all, it had been a while since the ceremony and the only people who had seen them were a couple of family members, the videographer, and myself. Eloisa and Jim were probably just washing up and taking a breather before the big evening.

(Half an hour later…)
And they make it! I found it no surprise, but the guests were certainly relieved and excited. Actually they were right on schedule, if a couple minutes late, max. As for the rest of the evening, you can see for yourselves how it unfolded. Here are the highlights of their Seafood World wedding photos.


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