Top Wedding Trends for 2015/2016

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Weddings are typically celebrations of timeless traditions, though it is always fun to spice things up and personalize your special day with one or two different ideas. Here are some top wedding trends for 2015/2016 for those thinking of incorporating a hot trend or two into their weddings:


1) Full Weekend Celebrations

Many couples are having wedding weekends of Friday to Sunday. There is only so much time that can be spent on a single day that often people rush through their wedding day without being able to fully relish the fleeting moments.

That's where multiple day celebrations shine. Couples can host a welcome dinner on Friday, have the wedding on Saturday, and relax on Sunday with brunch and light weekend activities. Ideally all the guests would stay close together.


2) Mismatched Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids need not be matching! While most brides ask that their bridesmaids have matching colors, anything goes: varying dress styles, designs, or lengths.



3) Untraditional Wedding Parties


Wedgewood Fallbrook Wedding Photo
Balanced parties are traditional, but odd-number parties are becoming acceptable. Not everyone needs to be paired up.

Opposite genders standing by the bride and groom are also becoming acceptable--a groom may have a "Best Woman" or the bride may have a "Man of Honor". This way, brides and grooms may choose people that are most important to them standing beside them on their Big Day.


4) Unplugged Weddings

With social media running rampant in our society, couples are opting for unplugged weddings. This means guests tuck away their digital devices and enjoy the full reality of the wedding, as opposed to getting so distracted with their digital devices that they forget a wedding is unfolding before them.

Also, the undivided attention of guests looks much, much better for the professional photos without a sea of cell phones held up during the most important moments of the wedding.


5) Luxurious Florals


San Diego Balboa Park Wedding Photo by Brandon Yuong
Tall, luxe floral centerpieces are making strong statements at weddings. The abundant floral look calls for fuller flowers such as roses and hydrangeas.


6) Headpieces

From gem-crafted to floral crowns, headpieces are becoming trendy with looks ranging from bohemian to sophisticated.


7) Soft Colors

Pastels such as creams, soft whites, peach, blush pink, and lavender appear to be trend colors for the upcoming wedding season.


8) Navy is the New Black


The new wedding neutral is navy. Softer than black, navy is easier to pair with neutral tones, jewel tones, pastels, and bright colors.


9) Photo Album Simplicity

Superiority in simplicity. Simple and clean albums without stylistic fluff are a great way to let the strength and emotions of the photographs tell the story. You don't need the fluff when you have a truly skilled photographer.


10) Lighting

More couples are setting romantic and dramatic moods for their receptions with candles, uplighting, and chandeliers.


11) Romantic Elegance

This look is best described as traditional and classic. Romantic elegance is a look that carries on with time without fading, and couples won't have to laugh or cringe at themselves.


12) Rustic Glam


San Diego Balboa Park Wedding Photo by Brandon Yuong
Combining sophisticated and glamorous décor with outdoor venues is one of the top trends this year, especially in California where the seasons stay mostly dry.


13) Prioritizing Guest Experience

Rather than focus on the bride and groom for the evening, couples are serving cocktails and appetizers to guests as they arrive.


14) Guest Entertainment

Photo booths continue to be popular and loved. Trivia games, wine-tasting, and caricatures and other interactive elements keep guests mingling and having fun during the reception.


15) Black Tie

Grooms opting for sophistication and high style are opting for the formal look.
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