Wedgewood Fallbrook Wedding: Adam + Cristina

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Venue: Wedgewood Fallbrook
Photographer: Brandon Yuong

Wedgewood Wedding Portraits

Adam and Cristina celebrated their Wedgewood Fallbrook wedding on Halloween. The Wedgewood Banquet Center itself is home to a golf resort with a beautiful lake and lush, grassy valleys.

Bridal Details: Red

I met with Cristina in the morning as she and her gals were getting ready. Can you tell that the theme of the wedding was red?

Wedgewood Wedding Ceremony

Would you believe that everyone was joyous and calm the whole day? They were! Adam and Cristina were laughing and smiling with guests the whole time.

Wedgewood Wedding Reception

We were taking so many family pictures that the evening fell dark in no time at all. The night unfolded into many festivities and much dancing. Congratulations, Adam and Cristina!